Sylvia Theisen - Keynote Speaker

Tools + Strategies + Mindset Shifts

Is Your Organization ...

  • facing challenges that require your employees to do more with less?
  • experiencing low morale, negativity, difficulty dealing with change?
  • cultivating managers who need help with emotional intelligence?

Sylvia works with companies who want to strengthen, empower, and promote their people. 

Providing tools, support and strategies, she teaches with a direct, 'cut to the chase' style that gets results.Blending humor, real life stories and group interaction,  you'll be energized and entertained while learning. 

Sylvia has worked with groups of all kinds, including IBM, Sprint, Caterpillar, health care, state agencies and more.Because all of her programs are customized, you'll benefit from an experience that targets your unique goals and guarantees results. 

Contact her today to learn how investing in your employees will improve your bottom line!

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Clients Say

“Sylvia is a gem-- her energy, passion, knowledge and depth of experience creates a unique blend--offering an unforgettable experience. As one of the Keynote speakers for the G3 conference, Sylvia created a lasting impression on our attendees-- she spoke from the heart, connected with the audience and sparked an engaging and thoughtful presentation. She is one of those people who has the ability to touch many different people in a very meaningful way. We look forward to working with Sylvia again in the future and highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.”
Piper Abodeely, Co-Founder, G3: Gather. Grow. Go